“We moved in together and got married after one month of dating” – Nigerian lesbian couple join the ‘of course’ challenge – YabaLeftOnline

A Nigerian lesbian couple has joined the trending ‘of course’ challenge to share their experience as a lesbian couple living in Nigeria.

In the video, they disclosed that they moved in together after only a month of dating and got married. They also shared how people always ask them for a ‘threesome’ because they are lesbians.

One of the ladies, who is the feminine partner in their marriage, also revealed that she loves wearing her partner’s clothes.

Nigerian lesbian couple join

They also shared how, as lesbians, they always suspect that other people are secretly homosexuals as well.

The couple also revealed that they’ve been together for 3 years, living as lesbians in Nigeria, where homosexuality is a punishable offense.

Watch the videos below,

In other news, a Nigerian lady who identifies as @NanaFirdausii has roared at ladies on the microblogging platform X who address their friend’s boyfriend/husband by their names.

Quoting a tweet of a lady who was unsure about how to address her friend’s partner, she disclosed that none of her friends should address her partner by their names.

Adding that if they ever did, she would beat them to a pulp and cut off every form of communication with them.

She wrote,

“As my friend, if you call my husband by his name wallahi I’ll first slap you and we’ll now fight (real fight o)and unfriend each other Nigba to ma sinwin“

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