“What do women really want?”— Online users question as lady stick fillers to face

A video has sparked indignation through social media and left questions in the heart of many.

It was the video of a pretty lady who goes on a tutorial to teach people how to add cheeks and lips fillers to face.

The fillers were gel-like which she stuck and trimmed to her face. She then added a make-up to blend its colour to suit her skin and beautify her face.

At the end, she looked hideous and uglier with her face looking so unnatural.

Social media users that saw the video were disgusted by the act and wonder why women go through such troubles only look like a monkey at the end of the day.

The males especially questions women’s insatiable need to be perfect and beautiful by altering their facial and body features.

The religious ones preach contentment and being comfortable in one’s skin and whatever shape one is given by God.

Scroll down to see the video,


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