“Why are things still expensive now that dollar is going down?”—Actress, Nkechi Blessing questions in recent video


Judging by the slight naira appreciation in recent times, the controversial Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing has taken to her instagram page to question the unchanging inflated price of things in Nigeria.

For the most part of last year to this year, the naira has faced a serious devaluation with the dollar skyrocketing in exchange rates. The economy got tougher and the standard of living, higher that most Nigerians find it difficult to sustain themselves.

This month, the naira began a slow ascension to regaining its lost value, but to everyone’s chagrin, the price of items refused to drop.

Nkechi Blessing in more than a minute-long video asks why bloggers fail to update the public about the naira rise and why the prices of goods refused to return to normal prices before the saga.

She asserts that traders are part of the problems the country is currently facing due to their greed in profiting more than necessary. She went on a tirade of how things that ought not to be affected by the dollar was, and declared that a dollar will soon be equivalent to 200naira.

what do you think can be done for prices to go down?





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