Woman beaten to death by husband wakes on the way to mortuary


A lady who was brutally assaulted by her husband and was thought to be dead has reportedly awoken on the way to the mortuary.

The horrifying event came to light after the victim’s neighbour reported the horrifying domestic abuse case on the microblogging platform, X (previously Twitter).

In the first tweet, it was said that a wife had allegedly been fatally battered by her violent husband.

The horrific revelation sparked widespread outrage and demands for justice for the victim as it circulated on social media.

However, a little while after the original tweet, the same neighbour returned to Twitter and shared another astounding update.

She joyously reported that while being taken to the mortuary, the woman, who had previously been believed to be dead, showed signs of life.

She claims that the patient has now been admitted to the hospital and is in a critical state.

She wrote;

“I’m in extreme pain. My neighbor just beat his wife to death. He hit her head with a big stick and she died 😭😭😭

You guysssss!!!! Please help me dance! News reaching me is that she got up last minute. On the way to the mortuary!!!! Help me thank God and everything you believe in! Jesus! I’m still crying. He turned my sadness to joy! God is wonderful 😭😭😭”


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