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A Nigerian woman who identifies as Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze has shared a heartbreaking story via her Facebook page about what happened to a friend and colleague of hers.

She disclosed that though it has been 14 years since the incident happened to her friend, she has found it hard to move on or settle down.

Sharing the story, she wrote;

“Many years ago, my friend dated a certain guy. They worked in the same office.
They tried so hard to hide their relationship from colleagues at work. But at some point, he suffered a major housing issue and had to move in with her. She was the oldest and had 3 younger siblings living with her. The relationship kept going on. She had a car, he started driving both of them to work together. After a while, it seemed they couldn’t hide it anymore and the whole office knew of it. She was a reserved person while he was a bit more outgoing. So when they weren’t at work, he was out and about with her car. He lived with her for over 3 years that I can remember. I know many times I would ask her why they weren’t formalizing their marriage instead of just living together. She would say she has asked severally and he says he is saving up so they can do both the marriage and move out of that house, leaving it for her siblings. Suddenly one day, my friend got a call from a lady. The lady was calling her all sorts of names and asking her to leave her man alone. They lady told her they were getting married soon and she was just a hopeless old wit*ch. My friend called and told me. She asked the man. He denied knowing anything. Long story short. The calls and insults and threats from this other woman continued. Our man kept denying. My friend did some digging and found the girl to be true. Within a few weeks, our man moved out and married that girl. It’s been over 14 years now. My friend suffered a major major heartbreak and never found love again. She is over 45 now and not married. Both my friend and the man are my Facebook friends. I see him post his kid’s birthdays as they keep growing. Two of her 3 siblings died after the heartbreak. They were ill. She almost went mad. She cried so much that till date, I feel her face has a fixed crying state on it.”

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