“Women are n*t good people. No woman is. And what do we do to b@d people? Do b@d things to them” – Heartbroken online influencer cries out


A Facebook user and influencer with the name, Chike Chekwas has taken to his wall to lament his dating experience with cheating women who shattered his good heart into a thousand pieces.

This rant happened after he caught his babe with another man. More shocking is he discovering she has been dating more than one guy alongside him. He was in fact, the side piece. His previous relationship had ended this same way too.

Chike listed in his heartbreak story the new resolutions and rules he has made against his future love entanglement(s).

Had a few flashbacks and I discovered some stuff:
– Every woman lies. A lot. No exception. And they’re very bad at it.
– I am always available for whoever I’m dating. No delayed replies, without reason. Which is a very bad thing to do. I need to go off for like 2 weeks without replying her calls or texts.
– I always treat my women like humans, which is very bad and they don’t appreciate. I forget they should be treated like tr@sh, for them to appreciate me.
– Late replies = She’s cheating on you. Has been proven over and over.
– I always make the mistake of not keeping up to 5 side chicks. When I’m dating you, I discard all my beeches and focus on you. It’s a stupid move. Only one woman shouldn’t enjoy Chike.
– To women, it’s a crime for a man to complain.
– Women don’t like good people. I now believe that saying. So treat them like tr@sh whenever you come across them.
– Never show a woman you love her. They don’t like it. Never make her feel like the best woman in the world. She prefers the abuse.
– I always act matured by talking things out. Which is very stupid. If they go low, you go lower. Let the relationship spoil.
– Women are not good people. No woman is. And what do we do to bad people? Do bad things to them.
Have a nice day, if you want.

Are there truths in what he said? or is he overreacting?


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