“You and your kids are eating fried rice while your maid is eating buns” – Nigerian man criticizes employers who treat their maids wrongly


A Nigerian man who identifies as @prophetswitch has criticized employers via his page on the microblogging platform X regarding the way they treat their maids.

The young man condemned employers who treat their workers wrongly while speaking about what he encountered at a restaurant.

He shared that, he saw a family consuming fried rice at a restaurant leaving their maid to munch on buns.

Irritated by the deed of the employer, he decided to order the maid a proper meal which annoyed the family.

He wrote;

“You came out to have a good time with your family. You and your kids are eating fried rice while your maid is eating buns. I just ordered a plate for her and these bastards are pissed. F U!!!!”

While some internet users joined him in criticizing the actions of the employer, others revealed that his good deed might result in punishments being melted on the lady.

Below are some of the comments,

@kunleDFirst:  The Maid is even eating buns, some maids no dey eat anything, I have even seen a maid wait outside a restaurant till the boss and his family are done, Not even in the car

@Tee_classiquem1:  This is a very good gesture but the sad part of this is that the maid will receive the beating of her life when they get home today

@_TheKvng:  It’s funny cos those sets of couples are on here posting their loved-up photos and that of their beloved children. On Mother’s Day, there will still be tons of people posting their wicked mums too. Human beings are just somehow

@Phatgold:  Kudos to you Bro. I wish you tracked them to know where they live. Another would have been finding a way to give the girl your number so that if they ever hurt her, we will find them.


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