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Reality TV star, Rachel Edwards advises fellow women not to settle with a man, who earns the sum of eight hundred thousand naira as salary in Lagos.

Rachel Edwards

Sharing on the microblogging platform, X, Rachel stated that ladies shouldn’t engage in a relationship with a man that earns close to a million and resides in Lagos.

Rachel Edwards

She tweeted,

“As a lady, you cant settle for a man with 800k as salary in lagos. One wig and your man’s salary is finished baby girl”

Giving her reason, the reality tv star noted that the man’s salary will amount to nothing after purchasing an expensive wig for the lady, therefore, the salary cannot sustain a healthy relationship in Lagos.

The reality tv star tweet has triggered netizens’ reactions, with many criticizing her perspective on relationship.

See reactions below,

@daddyfreeze Get a job baby girl if you want to fund the soft life or be an 8/10 at least, which sadly you aren’t …

@Akinjoshua2017 If as a woman you can’t settle for a man who receives 800k bcus your wig cost more than that, then you don’t need wig but brain transplant

@Tee_Classiquem1 Out of every productive thing you can think of its wig that comes to your brain, no investment plan or idea on how the 800k can multiply in few month, just wigs, vibes and insha Allah, later you will come and be foaming in the mouth that men are not taking you serious

@kingpexxie Na everytime man salary dey always enter una eye…800k wig for head wey no too correct




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