“You want her to be submissive yet you want to split bills 50/50”- Filmmaker, Charles Okpaleke addresses men on gender equality


Nigerian film maker, Charles Okpaleke lectures men on gender equality and responsibility in marriage with the challenge that may occur.

He shared via a post on his Instagram story that a man desire a woman, who is devoted and constantly support but also wants equal share in financial aspects.

The film maker stated that such idea will subject the woman into survival mode; leading to difficulties and disregarding the man because they both contribute equally.

He wrote,

“You want her to be loyal,You want her to be submissive, You want her to be soft, You want to split bills 50/50, You will push her into survival mode, It’s basic human instinct…”


The film maker’s post has stirred debate online; while majority insist a man should not practice Westernization in an African home, others regard women behave depending on their family background and values.

See reactions below,

@rosythrone You can’t be a modern man and want a traditional woman. It doesn’t work that way!!

@kaymon_1 When a woman earn as much as the man, what does she do with her money ? Submission has nothing to do with money

@teeh_lyfstyle Lmao where’s the lie. If you want a traditional woman then you have to be a traditional man too. Traditional men don’t do 50/50. 🙂



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