“Young Thug saved me from depression” – Shallipopi reveals


opened up about how he came out of depression.

The “Obapluto” singer claimed that the music of American rap star, Young Thug saved him when he was battling depression in the past.

Shallipopi revealed this in a recent interview with media personality, Chinasa Anukam on the podcast “Is This Seat Taken.”

The 23-year-old musician revealed how he had experienced depression in the past due to lack of affection and financial hardships.

He claimed that the music of the late rapper Dablixx Osha and Young Thug; whom he named his best artiste, got him through the difficult time.

He said;

“I listen to Young Thug, he is like my best artiste. Not only Young Thug, you know Dablixx Osha? The artiste that died like two years ago? I would say they saved me from depression.

Because there was a stage in my life when I was depressed, not because of love, o, no, because of love too. Everything was making me depressed. No love, no money… and, you know, you have to be in a certain situation to play a song to understand the lyrics of the song, so like they saved me from that depression stage of my life.”


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