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A heartwarming video has taken the internet by storm, featuring a mixed race child engaging in a fluent conversation in Igbo with his grandmother.

The young boy, whose father is Igbo and mother is of foreign descent, was raised abroad.

However, he impressively learned to speak Igbo and showcased his language skills in the viral video, earning admiration from viewers online.

In the video, the boy can be seen confidently conversing with his grandmother, displaying a lovely Umunze accent.

He proudly informs his grandmother about his completion of household chores, amusing those who listen to his dialogue.

In a playful manner, the boy humorously compares himself to the biblical figure Jacob, as he ends up taking charge of cooking duties, despite it being responsibility of eldest daughter, whom he calls “Maria” in the video.

He also mentions his involvement in sweeping the house, comparing it with Maria’s preference for playing.

The heart warming video has garnered widespread attention and appreciation, with viewers applauding the boy’s fluency in Igbo and praising his parent for maintaining his cultural roots, even when raised in a different country.

here are some reaction from viewers:

@thefoodnetworknig2 reacts His Igbo is too sweet! Osim Jacob & his mother! That was funny 😂😂😂😂

@euchariaanunobi reacts 👏👏👏👏👏kudos to their parents .Proud on their behalf.

@lelia24 reacts God bless his father for doing such a great job! Absolutely beautiful 😍 👏🏾

@honeypearl16 reacts Grandma will be sooo happy 😁😁

Watch the video below:


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