“Is it rude to tell someone you’re older than, I am proud of you”- Actor Ibrahim Suleiman asks as he recounts a recent experience (Video) – YabaLeftOnline


Popular Nollywood actor Ibrahim Suleiman has sparked a discussion with a question he raised on his social media page.

In a video shared with his followers, he pondered whether it is considered rude to express pride to someone older than oneself.

The actor posed this question after a recent encounter he had.

According to Suleiman, a young boy whom he had known for many years approached him and proudly exclaimed:

“Sir, I am so proud of you and what you’re doing and what you have achieved.”

And he was initially filled with delight upon hearing the comment

However, his happiness was interrupted when an older woman present interjected, claiming that it is impolite for a younger person to express pride towards an older individual.

The woman offered an alternative, suggesting that it is more appropriate to say:

“I am inspired by you.”

Since the incident, he has been reflecting on the encounter and contemplating whether expressing pride to an older person is indeed considered rude.

This has sparked a lively debate among his followers and netizens online.

The question as gained attention online and a raised questions about cultural norms.

While few argue that expressing pride can be seen as a sign of disrespect, many believe that it is a genuine expression of appreciation and honor for someone you admire.

As the video and his question continues to circulate, many viewers online have shared their answers and opinions on the question.


Watch the video below:



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