“I never assaul.tɘd my ex, she framed me” – Lil Frosh begs Davido for second chance

Nigerian singer Sanni Goriola Wasiu also known as Lil Frosh has declared that the four-year-old accusation of violence made against him by his ex-girlfriend was false.

The young musician went back to the battery case that resulted in his 2020 contract with Davido’s record company, DMW, being terminated.

According to Lil Frosh, he never hit his ex-girlfriend, Gift Camille, also known as Cute Gemini, as was widely reported. He also claimed that she set him up on purpose to harm his career.

In the midst of recent rumours that Gift promised to frame a male TikToker, Frosh posted on his Instagram profile on Saturday. Frosh pleaded with Davido to reconsider his choice and requested an opportunity to rejoin DMW.

Lil Frosh said in a video that Cute Gemini’s contempt for his mother was the catalyst for the conflict, which led to his hitting her.

But he claimed to have apologised to her for raising his hands and promised never to do it again. However, he was aware of her purported allergic response five months later, and she used the swelling on her face to accuse him of being an abuser.

The artist bemoaned his diminishing fame and maintained his innocence, even though no one took him seriously when the incident became national news.

Lil Frosh wrote; “I thank God for the opportunity that just presented itself,God knows I did not beat Gemini. I was framed I was blackmailed, and after all I paid. I still can’t get my career back because of the lies that was told against me.

Nobody gave me listening ears, I tried to explain to my BOSS @davido but he didn’t want to listen because he has zero tolerance for hitting women. Please guys help me I am innocent, help me beg Davido to give me a chance again, Nigerians God bare me witness I am innocent.

See how everything started on her face, it started with a reaction that caused a boil, we even went to the pharmacy to check what happened to her, sadly after medications the conditions worsened and when it became really big they turned the story that I hit her, and presented these pictures as evidence, I tried to explain nobody wanted to hear me out.

That was the peak of my career, I begged they refused to stop, they collected money and left me empty, NO LABEL,NO LOVE, turned my fans against me, turned Nigerians against me, at a point I almost ended it all, seeing the people I started music with become way bigger than me, my life was a bad news, no motivation anywhere, please guys help me beg @davido for a second chance.”

Watch him speak below:

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