“I really lived with this for 2 years” – Man shares the ordeal he faced sharing an apartment with a female.


A Canadian man has revealed on X what he experienced living in a shared apartment with a female flat mate.

The tweep with handle, @jvckmartin posted pictures of dirty dishes and sink filled with dirty water on the platform with the caption “I really lived with this for 2 years.”

When fellow tweeps queried him why he did not talk to his flat mate about it or better still exit the apartment, he replied that he once asked her to clean up the mold growing from the food and she replied him with ‘you’re not my Dad

Adding that “ppl berating me for not leaving like 1 year wasn’t on a lease agreement and I did not have 3-4K to drop on a new place with first and last months rent in Toronto of all places lmaoo.”

He also said that every time he pleaded with her to clean up and she does not, he would cry while cleaning her mess up.

Majority of tweeps mentioned that they could not live with such, neither would they do that while leaving with someone. While some users were left wondering and asking questions like ‘who raised her’ and ‘why she was not self aware as a lady’.


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