“I wish men were just more vulnerable; women appreciate that” – Beverly Naya – YabaLeftOnline

Nollywood actress, Beverly Naya, has stated that since women value vulnerability so highly, she hopes that men will show it more.

The actress said that women value guys who are more sensitive to their feelings and vulnerable in a conversation with her colleague, Efa Iwara.

Beverly Naya reacts

She believed that a man is genuinely in love with a woman when he shows her an inexplicable level of vulnerability.

Beverly said she wished guys could show more vulnerability without fear of repercussions or shame.

She continued by saying that she didn’t agree with men’s tendency to view vulnerability as a weakness, particularly among Nigerian guys.

Watch her speak below.

In other news, a lady has pushed back at her husband after he requested that she prepare some food for his parents who were coming over to visit.

In a video that was shared on Instagram, the young lady who had just given birth two days ago, was telling her partner reasons why she couldn’t prepare the food.

The husband who believes she could carry out the task better told her she has had enough rest already.

He also went on to complain about how he has been the only one doing all of the work in the house since she gave birth.

While the lady tried to put it to him that the hospital sent her home to rest, the young man answered her by saying he would take care of the child while she made the food.

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