Podcaster Faces Backlash From Netizens Online For Calling Hollywood Actress Halle Bailey “Ug.ly”

Controversy erupted on social media when podcaster Elijah Shaffer found himself at the center of a heated exchange after insulting Hollywood Actress Halle Bailey’s looks. However, the situation took an unexpected turn when his own followers retaliated by criticizing his mother’s appearance. Elijah Shaffer took to X, the popular social media platform, to share a photo of Halle Bailey, star of the Little Mermaid Movie, with a caption: “When exactly did Hollywood become flooded with ugly people?” He further posted a picture of an alien-like creature, drawing a comparison to Bailey’s appearance. In response, someone shared a photo of Elijah and his mother, showing the similarities between her and the creature he had shared. This triggered Elijah, And he swiftly defended his mother, revealing her battle with a rare form of cancer that had necessitated multiple life-saving surgeries resulting in major facial reconstruction. However, there was no room for sympathy for his situation, as many argued that he should be prepared to face criticism, if he himself had dished out insults to others. Furthermore, some individuals dug up allegations of sexual assault against Elijah, citing his past behavior. As the situation continues to trend online, it remains to be seen whether Elijah will address the allegations brought against him or seek to apologize on his actions.

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