“Northerners and integrity are 5 and 6″— Netizens react to video of northern men refusing free money from skit maker


Some Nigerian northerners widely called ‘aboki’ have shocked the public with their reluctance to collect free money from a skit maker.

The skit maker, M Star comedy approached an aboki man going about his daily hustle and stretched forward a bundle of money asking that he takes it.

The surprised aboki tried to pick only a bill but the skit maker told him to take everything as it is for him. He informs the aboki that his fans told him to give the money to a random person on the street and he was chosen.

As the aboki first took the money, he was told to say “more love to the street” but he could not. He returned the money and said he does not want.

Soon another bike rider approached them and the skit maker shifted his focus to him. He told the new one to take the money which he did.

But confused, he asked what he has done to deserve such. After learning it is for free, he tries to return it that he does not want.

He claims he loves money but he cannot collect the ‘dashed’ money which left the skit maker bewildered.

See the video,


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