“He can dǝstroy a room in 20 seconds” – Nigerian mother’s unusual method of controlling her energetic toddler goes viral (WATCH) – YabaLeftOnline

A Nigerian mother has made waves on TikTok after revealing her unique solution to handling her son’s energetic behavior.

Frustrated with the continuous chaos caused by her active toddler since he started walking, the mother decided to tie his legs with a wrapper to limit his movement.

The mother, who goes by the username @kingdike1 on TikTok, shared a video that captured her baby’s legs securely tied with a wrapper.

In the video, the determined little one can be seen attempting to move despite the restriction.

In the accompanying caption, the mother humorously expressed her reason for resorting to this measure, stating:

“Since this boy started walking, I have not had peace.

He can destroy a room in 20 seconds.”

The video quickly garnered attention and went viral, sparking reactions from amused netizens who found humor in the mother’s creative approach to managing her son’s active nature.

Many viewers could relate to the challenges of having a child who is constantly on the move and wreaking havoc around the house.

Here are some reaction from viewers:

@Jorge_god reacts Freedom of movement is a fundamental human right…. So please allow him move… 🤣…

@missindependent036 reacts am selling mine the boy can disturb

@pendo reacts 😂😂😂I tried this on my boy but within 30mins yl,he had untied himself he is just 14months

@freewealth reacts madam, abeg let am flex ooo

Watch the video below:

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